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The 12AX7 Valve (or 12AX7 vacuum Tube) is a small preamplifier valve which is identical to the ECC83 – same valve, just a different name. It has two identical triodes both of which have a high voltage gain. Producing police radios, transceivers, transmitters, and crystals. Their most popular product was the TBS-50 transmitter introduced in 1947, covering the 80 through 2 meter bands. In 1948, a three tube audio preamp was included, carrying the TBS-50 A model number. The last model produced was the Bandmaster T-90 ceasing in 1960.

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I have an amp with a 6au6 preamp and I did have to go through a few to find one with a less noise and microphonics, but man it sure sure sounds sweet. I thought about building a unique amp using a 6au6 preamp, and 2 6BM8 tubes (each have a triode and pentode) for the PI and finals.
I've got quite a few of those too, but not as many as 6AU6. The 6AU6 is still common and cheap, same with the 6AQ5. I'm thinking maybe the input pentode 6AU6 can kick the guitar signal up enough, that a lower gain triode like the 6DJ8 can run the Tone Stack final gain stage. Wondering if a circuit like that can sound good as a guitar amp? I have always loved tubes. My first amplifiers were a couple of home brewed things built after the schematics in Electronics November 1953 issue and was called Linear standard. They used a 12AX7A, a couple of 6AU6 as drivers and a pair of KT66. I got them from a friend of my father back in the late 60's.

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Tube 6AU6 or Röhre 6AU6 ID2115, Vacuum Pentode, Miniatur-7-Pin-Base B7G, USA 1940 and RF/IF-Stage shown. Radio tubes are valves.
An R.F. amplifier circuit. The 6EH7 has been used as an r.f. amplifier by the author in the HQ-120X receiver as well as an Eddystone 888A ham-band receiver and an RME DB-20 preselector. The circuit shown in Fig. 1 represents an r.f. amplifier which can be adapted for use in any receiver covering all, or parts, of the .55-Mc. to 30-Mc. range.Type 6BR7 was carefully designed for low internal noise and, especially, for low internal hum pick-up from the 6.3V AC heater, thus making it unnecessary to provide a DC source of heater current.

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1—6AU6, 1st IF. 1—6AU6, 2nd IF. 1—6AU6, 3rd IF. 1—6AU6, 4th IF and 1st Limiter. 1—6CS6, 2nd Limiter and Muting. 1—6BN8, Muting Amplifier, Muting Detector, AVC Clamper. 2—6BL8, Left and Right, 1st and 2nd Audio Amplifiers. 1—12AU7, Balanced Tuning Meter Amplifier. 1—6U8, MPX Amplifier, MPX Indicator Con-trol. 2
Our board with either 6AU6/EF94 (ST70) or a cascoded 12AU7 (Mk3/Mk2 board), gives improved performance in this respect, and most people agree it sounds better, too. The ST-70 board also cuts DC grid circuit resistance of the EL34's by about 2/3rds, which reduces or eliminates pesky bias-drift problems. Lafayette Transmitter Model HE-25 "VOYAGER". Bandswitching 80 through 6 Meter. 6AU6 Oscillator, 6DQ6A Buffer and 2-6DQ6A Final Amplifier. 12AX7 and 6AQ5 audio, 5U4GB Rectifier. This transmitter was made in Japan. Shipping Weight about 30 lbs. Supplementary photos

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12AX7 speech amplifier 12B Y 7 audio driver - 1625 modulator . 6AU6 VFO 12B Y 7 crystal oscillator-buffer 5763 driver 2 - 6146 parallel power amplifier 6AQ5 clamp .. 115 volts AC, 50 to 60 cycles 150 watts . .400 watts (intermittent) . 450-600 watts . .20 7/8" wide x 13 3/4" high x 16" . 100 lbs. . .107 lbs. deep
The S meter circuit of HE-80 is so arranged to read the cathode voltage of the 2nd IF amplifier tube 6AU6. The reference voltage is derived from the screen grid voltage of that tube with adjustable voltage divider. In case of HA-230, S meter is connected to the 1st IF amplifier tube. An R.F. amplifier circuit. The 6EH7 has been used as an r.f. amplifier by the author in the HQ-120X receiver as well as an Eddystone 888A ham-band receiver and an RME DB-20 preselector. The circuit shown in Fig. 1 represents an r.f. amplifier which can be adapted for use in any receiver covering all, or parts, of the 0.55-Mc. to 30-Mc. range.

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The 80-meter trimmer capacitors are not in the circuit on 40-10 meters. On 160 meters the output of the r-f amplifier is fed directly to the variable i-f system. On 80-10 meters the r-f plate circuit tuning system is the same as that of the grid circuit. b. CRYSTAL – CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR AND FIRST MIXER.
May 14, 2013 · Connect the circuit diagram as in the one marked with “Amplifier with Gain = 20” and you get 20-fold the signal. If you need exactly 6, you can play a round with the resistance on the input. For splitting the signal, you can use resistors for basic splitting. Google “signal splitter circuit” to see some examples pre-amp. control panel notes: l. values or capacitors in mfd. r28 imeg 8 r29 2.2k r30 .01 r31 r32 390k c 16 .01 r33 imeg tone ct7 .003 c18 r34 tone 12ax7 r35 imec vol. r36 'meg vol. r37 r38 390k vibrato foot switch type plug r40 68k r 39 'meg strength imeg vibrato speed 12ax7 heater plug p2 vibrato r 16 meg r 15 68k .05 20 m r13 r 14 .01 to i ...

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ef86 preamp, "As used in the DC-30 - and the Vox AC15 (and briefly, the early AC30) that inspired it - an EF86 pentode preamp tube helps to create a sound in the amp's second channel that is really quite different from the classic Top Boost chime and shimmer most consider the 'classic Vox sound.'
Superb wood case, excellent electronic circuit and the Mallory so-called “spiral tuner” make of this radio / TV set a no common receiver. Dumont RA 103 was manufactured in various versions, this console TV has a generous 10-inch speaker which gives to the set a wonderful sound.