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Compressor Fan Pulley. Rs 3,250/Piece Get Latest Price. Product Brochure. Centrifugal Compressor. Material. Cast iron. Type. Compressor Head. Minimum Order Quantity. 1 Piece.May 04, 2020 · The pulley should turn all the time, with the belt, but the compressor only turns internally when the clutch engages. The part you see on the outer side of the pulley spins or stays still with the compressor, but the pulley itself will still be spinning even when the piece you see on the outside (the clutch) is still.

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Sep 02, 2015 · carefully lift that plate again and have a look at your compressor. if the pulley spins and plate doesnt its OK. next turn on your ac, take a look again, your plate should spin along with the pulley. if id doesnt, you should jack it up, unplug the compressor and measure the resistance between the wire and ground.
Nov 09, 2018 · Under the hood, the belt is always spinning the pulley for the A/C compressor. The clutch is what actually engages the compressor and turns it on when you hit the A/C button in the cabin. If the clutch does not engage, then the pulley keeps spinning freely, and the compressor does not kick ON, meaning you have no A/C. If it sounds complex, that's because it is and the AC compressor clutch is one of the most common points of failure on the compressor because of it. The proper operation of the AC compressor clutch is dependent on a smooth bearing inside the pulley, precise spacing between the clutch plate and pulley, and a good electrical connection to the coil.

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If the overload safeguard of the drive plate -C-has been tripped, the pulley -E-can rotate with the outer section of the drive plate -C-without the air conditioner compressor shaft -B-and the hexagon -D-attached to the drive plate (inner section of drive plate -C-) also turning.
That was a month ago. Today is the first time I’ve started it since then and it appears the AC compressor has seized. That pulley is not spinning at all. The belt was slipping over it and burning up. I pulled the belt and can’t get the AC compressor pulley to turn at all. Can anyone think of anything shy of pulling this goddamn compressor? The AC on my '85 hasn't worked for 4-5 years and I'be been meaning to bypass it for some time. My water pump went out so figured it was time. I thought too that I would gain a HP or two not spinning the AC around, and maybe a 1/4 mpg better.

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This will align the AC compressor's (rear) pulley with the original generator and water pump pulleys. I like to tack-weld this washer in place- but it is not necessary. After you have aligned the pulleys- and snugged the front mounting nuts, measure the distance between the compressor's rear mounting lug, and the rear lug on the generator bracket.
Now for a little schooling: a. Spin the pulley. Notice how the pulley spins, but the parts on the very end of the compressor shaft don't? The pulley makes up everything that is spinning. b. If everything is spinning, then your clutch and pulley have welded themselves together and you're royally screwed.The pulley will continue to spin with the engine causing the splines within the shear plate to strip. Once this happens the air conditioning pump will no longer function and produce cold air as the pully can no longer drive the pump. Previously the only solution was to replace the complete compressor at vast expense.

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If the clutch is engaged and the compressor is not turning, the compressor is probably toast. Depending on how it locked up, if it grenaded internally, you could be looking at a new condenser, dryer and expansion valve.
compressor). * Pulley damage. Physical damage of any kind on the automatic tensioner pulley may indicate excessive tension or physical interference. If the pulley is damaged, replace the tensioner assembly not just the pulley. If an idler pulley is damaged, inspect the tensioner also because vibrations caused by a bad idler pulley may damage the 3. Inspect the AC compressor to see if the shaft is not turning due to a sheared torque limiter in the drive hub. If the hub has sheared follow replacement instructions from step 6 to 19 of section I. 4. The cause of the hub shearing could be a seized alternator pulley freewheel. The alternator pulley needs to be in-spected as follows.

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Download 2004 Ford Freestar Air Conditioning Compressor Removal & Installation – CAUTION: If installing a new air conditioning compressor due to an internal failure of the old unit, you must carry out the following procedures to remove contamination from the air conditioning system. If A/C flushing equipment is available, carry out flushing of the air conditioning system prior to installing ...
Aug 11, 2018 · The bearing will only spin when the AC is off. It allows the front of the compressor to spin. When the clutch is activated the two pieces are pulled together and they turn at the same speed driving the input shaft of the compressor. If you are hearing squeals then this is probably the surfaces of the clutch slipping. I'm trying to repair my AC. The bearing in the pulley is definitely shot. I removed the mounting bolts so the compressor could drop down and put a 3 claw puller on If the bearing ever locked and the inner bearing race spun on the compressor snout and damaged the aluminum, you may have a hell of a time.

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Dec 01, 2020 · I put the compressor on the table and sprayed a tiny bit of WD40 between the clutch edge and the pulley lots of rocking back and forth and it free'd up enough to spin freely - however it's rough the bearing feels horrible to rotate by hand, every few degrees of rotation it feels bad, and to quote the misses "sounds like stirring a cuppa".
AC compressor pully is froze up, can we just replace the clutch on it? The issue that you may have is the pulley bearing seized up and may have spun on the front of the compressor nose cone and will damage it.